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הקורס הבינלאומי בפסיכואנליזה זוגית ומשפחתית 2016-2017

Couple Course Schedule 2017-1018


Sept 6: Caroline Sehon (Washington, DC): Reverberations of Couple & Family Links Across Generations

Oct 18: David Scharff (Washington, DC): The Process of a Couple Intervention.

Oct 25: Jamie Loveland (Salt Lake, UT): Then There Were Three: Working with Couples with Substance Addiction 

Nov 1: Molly Ludlam (Edinburgh, Scotland): Connecting with the Internal Couple

Nov 15: Christopher Clulow (St. Albans, England): Sexual Fantasy and the Dynamics of Attachment

Nov 29: Dina Oren (Tel Aviv, Israel): Love, Drugs and Sex. 

Dec 6: Monica Vorchheimer (Buenos Aires, Argentina): The Film 45 years: An approach through a Link Perspective



Jan 10: Damian McCann (London, England): The Couple and Family in Transition – Exploring Gender and Gender Reassignment

Jan 24: Ana Maria Barossa (Mexico City): Treating the Transmission of Symptoms from Parent to Child

Feb 7: Anastasia Tsamparli (Athens, Greece): Conflict and Reconciliation in Couple Therapy

Feb 21: Carl Bagnini (Port Washington, NY): Couples with Mourning Challenges when Experiencing Miscarriages

March 7: Amita Sehgal (London, England): Working with Couples in Co-therapy 

March 28: Hanni Mann-Shalvi (Tel Aviv, Israel): The Unique Unconscious Dynamic in Family Psychoanalysis

April 11: Carla Trusty-Smith (Indianapolis, IN): The Couple as Container:  Thinking Inside and Outside the Analytic Box

May 2: Elizabeth Palacios (Zaragoza, Spain): Contemporary Families: New Approaches in Theory and Clinical Practice

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